Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Evolutionary Christian Thinking

How should a Christian think about it? How should they approach it? With inquiry? Superstition? Openness  A stern eye for criticism?

What did this development in biology really mean for Christian life and practice in the 19th century? More pertinently, what does it really mean for Christian life and practice 21st century, where Darwin's theory is simply an assumption of all serious biologists and the vast majority of scientists across all major scientific disciplines?

This apparent dilemma can be particularly traced back to the biologist Charles Darwin and his publication of the 'Origin of Species' in 1859. 
Some people note this event as marking the death of God, faith and religion. Some see it as a momentous attack on God's existence and His Word, requiring a strong and spirited response. Others see this as yet another example of science encroaching on religion, marginalising it to the very concerns of modern thinking and understanding. 
Yet others, almost ignorant of the conflict, appear to believe that evolution informs rather than diminishes from our view of God as Creator.

The questions I posed at first are not theoretical. They require an answer, they require thought, they require debate. Heads can be buried in the sand and creation ministries started but the facts will not change. Science won't turn around. As Christians we must choose to make peace or war. Both come at a price, both roads are tough but only one is worth walking.

Along the journey it's key to remember: If we follow truth, God will walk with us

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