Friday, 12 April 2013

Thoughts From Discussions

Recently I've tried to get down and dirty in some good ol' fashioned rhetorical wranglings with some Young Earth Creationists (YEC's) who hold that the world is between 6,000 to 12,000 (if you're real liberal) years old.

It annoys me a lot when I hear a piece of wisdom, that I think can't be right, is proved correct right in front of my eyes. But gosh darnit Old Testament scholar Peter Enns (you can find his blog here) hits the nail on the head in his video on fear and the discussion of evolution

Another issue is discussed in the monologue below. Enns points out the almost insane view of scripture some of us hold to, forcing it to be the arbiter on issues of genomic and geological evidence. And creating enormous problems for ourselves.

Assumptions are everything. Fear only holds us back. I tried to make this point in my first blog and maybe it's useful to repeat it here. If we follow truth, God will go with us. If we simply retort old answers to that actually aren't answers at all (e.g. God said it! I believe it! or If Genesis is myth then isn't Jesus?) then we'll be having this same silly debate in 50 years with only more disgrace being heaped on the church.

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