Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Anatomy of a Fan

Fan Fare

I think I'm a crazy sports fan. I realise I'm a little bit insane. I recognise the fact that numbers on a screen with the names 'Arsenal', 'Chelsea' or 'Tottenham' attached to them can drastically change my mood over the course of a day.

But is that right? Is that even logical?

To be honest. I've realised if really doesn't matter!

Bigger and Better

What I've realised is that sport is about more than sport. Whether it's people throwing a ball, kicking a ball or hitting a ball with a stick, the exact anatomy of the sport is unimportant. The key is the deeper meaning of the club in question and what that club means in the life of the fan.

I think that sports clubs become these metaphorical structures which can represent us because of a deep need for community that we all have.

Often this can be shown in many beautiful ways, people around being connected in a way that only family and religion usually can.

These are just some preliminary thoughts on what it is about sport that compels people (usually males) to form grand communities that we live with today.

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